Saturday, July 11, 2009

M-Audio Torq review

Reviewed using Torq Version 1.0.3

TORQ's Browser
The Xponent is what you touch- it's the tactile interface. What's under the hood is the Torq software. It's a beautiful thing, how well the Xponent is configured to work with Torq- the excellent match keeps you playing, and spending less time pecking a computer. Still, one way or the other, you are going to have to get to know Torq, the software. And you are definitely going to have to deal with Torq's browser.
Bluntly stated- Torq's browser is a pain. If you have a big song library and have spent the hours required to properly tag it, you'll find that Torq's browser will not see the key information. It is also commonplace to have the browser hang for several seconds while you search it. Not a huge deal at home, but on the job it will make you extremely nervous. All I can say is don't wait until the last second to choose your next track. Also, the browser isn't able to be customized. Say you don't care what album a song comes from, and don't need to see that info- well, you can't tell that column to hide. Torq is innovative in so many ways, offering features that even the most expensive units haven't implemented yet- it's a shame to see it fall short in an area as fundamental as a browser. Even with the headaches, Torq/Xponent does so many things well that I can put up with its bad browser. If they don't make the effort to improve it with software updates I will be extremely disappointed.