Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pioneer HDJ-2000 Reference Pro DJ Headphones

Pioneer has a real treat for DJs in the HDJ 2000 DJ headphones

Pioneer is nothing short of a DJ brand legend, with many of their DJ dedicated line of products being revered by working DJs all over the world. The best part is that this still happens as we speak, and Pioneer constantly comes out with new and improved DJ products, after which DJ equipment reviews will follow. This is the point of this post, which is going to be about the latest DJ product to join the Pioneer DJ headphones line, the HDJ 2000. The work that’s gone into the HDJ 2000 and the quality of the whole DJ product just oozes out of any DJ product review about them, and working DJs will be happy to know that even Pioneer, who came up with some great DJ equipment over the years, refers to the HDJ 2000 as the "ultimate professional DJ headphone".

If you know your DJ brands and expect nothing but the best from your Pioneer DJ products, then the HDJ 2000 is for you. However, that also means you know there’s going to be a hefty price attached to this DJ headphone model as well, and that can go all the way to over 350$, which will definitely discourage some DJs. Those still standing strong won’t be disappointed and won’t regret paying that much for the HDJ 2000, because Pioneer made sure it’s one purchase well worth being made by any working DJ.

The first thing any DJ product review should cover is the technical capabilities of the HDJ 2000, that’s how it sounds, because after all, they are made for monitoring. Well, the HDJ 2000 will probably leave you breathless for a second, as it’s got one of those punchy clear sounds that you dream about at nights. Pioneer designed the HDJ 2000 with a very high frequency response ranging from 5 Hz all the way to 30 kHz and an impedance of just 36 ohms, which really sets industry standards for DJ headphones nowadays. The HDJ 2000 are also very tightly insulated and being fully closed back DJ headphones, they are perfect to use in noisy clubs, as they keep most of the unwanted noise out of the ear cup. Although advertised as DJ headphones, the HDJ 2000’s features and technical performance make it just as suitable to being used in a studio, for extremely precise and accurate monitoring applications, thus appropriate for sound engineers or studio DJs as well.

HDJ 2000 don’t compromise anywhere, so working DJs can expect virtually everything from this DJ product review and their headphones. The fit of the HDJ 2000 is very comfortable but still snug and safe. Made with materials like flexible protein leather, heat sensitive memory foam and magnesium alloy, the HDJ 2000 will be a godsend for DJs playing long gigs, who have to continually monitor for extended periods of time. Here are some technical specs now for the HDJ 2000:
  • an outstanding maximum input of 3500 mW
  • the output sound level is at 107 dB/mW
  • 50 mm driver unit and high flux magnets for perfect sound resolution
  • stereo/mono switch for easy monitoring, allowing also for one ear monitoring
  • the mini XLR connector is removable, which lets DJs replace the cord at anytime
  • great separation and high fidelity sound
  • 1/8" gold plated mini plug with a 1/4" gold plated adapter 
And finally, mobile DJs need not shy away from the HDJ 2000, as they’re as flexible and suitable for the roads as any DJ headphones out there, except they are second to none in performance. Not only are the HDJ 2000 folding, but they come with a carry pouch, the ear cups swivel to 90 degrees allowing for all monitoring positions, and everything just clicks into place, thus making sure stays the way you want it to. Pioneer even designed a new i-type of hinge on the HDJ 2000 which feels just natural, as it fits the hand at any time and in any position of the DJ gig. In the end, although the HDJ 2000 cost quite a bit, they’re on of those DJ product that you can’t go wrong with.

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  1. These headphones are also extremely flexible and indestructible, and the sound depth is heart stopping


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