Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Akai MPD24 review

When I first got my Akai MPD24, I didn't really know how to set it up with FL Studio. You know, I was new to that whole "beatmaking" thing. Well, after hour, I figured out I needed to select correct MIDI In and MIDI Out ports, in Options>MIDI Settings (it was easy). There is one word that comes to my mind, when I think of MPD24 - great! 16 MPC-style velocity pads, 8 assignable knobs and 6 also assignable faders, which are easily assigned, especially in FL Studio. The device has four banks (A, B, C, D), which gives you 64 (4 banks times 16 pads) easily accessible notes. There are also trasnport controls on the device (MMC), which do not require any special set up to work with software (unlike those in M-Audio's keyboards), so if you're using FL Studio, it's almost plug-n-play.

The device itself has 30 presets, so you can set each one for each softare you use. To set them up, you can either use included software, to transfer from your computer, or if you know what you're doing, you can set them manually using buttons on the actual device.

MPD24 will either work with your computer, through USB cable, or with your sound module through MIDI cables (not included), but then it requires an external power supply, which is also not included. If you have MIDI interface, or audio interface with MIDI In and Out, you can also connect MPD24 to the computer through the interface. Remember, Akai MPD24 is a MIDI controller, it DOES NOT make any sound on its own.

Akai MPD24 is a solid controller, and I'm sure it would be great for a gig, even after it's dropped, it'll probably work.

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