Tuesday, May 12, 2009

M-Audio Axiom 49 review

M-Audio Axiom is a product series of affordable MIDI keyboard controllers. It comes on three version, each number indicates the actual number of keys on the keyboard: 25, 49, and 61. The one I'm reviewing is the 49 key version. I bought it, because 25 keys is too few to play with two hands, but if I would have to buy a 61-key version, then I'd rather buy an 88-key keyboard.

The keys on it are semi-weighted, but they don't feel as good, as more expensive models. On the top right corner of the keyboard we can find 8-pads, which are thought to be used for playing drums on the device. They are almost the same as the ones on Trigger Finger. There are also 8 endless rotary knobs, 8 faders, and obviously pitch adjustment and modulation. MMC (transport controls) are obvious to be in a MIDI controller of this type, but unlike the ones on Akai MPD24, these need to be set up correctly in order to use them with software. In order to make it work with FL Studio, I downloaded a FL Studio preset for Axiom 49, which was in .xml format. Then I had to download Enigma software form M-Audio's website (like couldn't they include it with the keyboard). It was a mess...

With the device you get USB cable (kinda obvious), Ableton Live 6 Lite software, and a CD with drivers. I'd have to say that the keyboard is a little bit bulky, and it wouldn't work good on gigs. Also, they use cheap packaging. You know what they say: "a good device comes from a good company. And good company does not save on packaging. "

There is many things about this device, that are not perfect. A couple buttons accidentally pressed is all it takes to get yourself a couple hours trying to figure out how to repair it. They should put those advanced options in the Pro version (M-Audio Axiom 49 Pro). The device itself is too complicated for an average user (let's say me). I don't need to control my sound module from within the keyboard. Why? The answer is pretty simple - I don't own a sound module. Who still does these days? I'm pretty sure some people do, but it's sure they'll buy the Pro version, or completely different device.

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  1. Nice! Probably gonna buy it!

  2. Do you guys know if it's still worth buying? I've seen that a new M-Audio keyboard has came out. But the Axiom has much more features, right? Like MIDI in and out?

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