Wednesday, May 13, 2009

M-Audio Fast Track USB audio interface review

M-Audio Fast Track USB is the cheapest audio interface to be compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered, it costs $129 on M-Audio's website. It has one mic input (XLR, but in the manual it says it is only for dynamic microphones), and one line-in input on the back of the device, which is good for guitars. Also, on the back we can find 2 RCA outputs (left and right) for studio monitors, and USB connection to a computer. On the front, there is also headphone output.

Included software (Session) is not good for anyone, who creates beats. I'm sure some people who play guitar would find it useful, but not me. With the Fast Track USB also comes a CD with drivers, which in fact worked on Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 32-bit, but didn't work with Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4. I had to look for newer drivers on M-Audio's site, and I found out that there are two identical devices from M-Audio, one of them is said to work with Pro Tools, other one - no. It was Fast Track Session USB ($129, on the website it says it should work with Pro Tools) and Fast Track USB with Session ($99, didn't say the same), which is the one I bought. I doubted that this device could work with Pro Tools, but it turned out that both devices can work Pro Tools. I guess just the more expensive one already has drivers for it.

The device is working good, however it's lack of phantom power limits me to using only dynamic microphone. Fast Track USB is quite small, but it has what is needed for small Pro Tools users (like me).

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