Wednesday, May 13, 2009

M-Audio Session Music Producer

Session Music Producer is a USB microphone, designed for home music production. The fact it works via USB makes it more attractive to more amateur musicians, because there is no need for any audio interface. But it is USB, it works like any other device, like printer, digital camera, or flash drive. Microphones are supposed to work like microphones, through XLR cable.

Overall sound quality is pretty good, with the included drivers you can set gain of the main output on your computer. Another thing that is pretty good, is that there is headphone output on the front of the mic. No need to run cable for headphones from the computer. There are however few bad thing about the microphone, included with it is pretty short USB cable which does not allow you to record vocals or guitar far enough from the computer, so we can't hear the computer fan on the record. Buying longer cable will definitely solve this problem. With the mic, there is also included small mic stand (approximately 4 inches) which is enough if you put it on some sort of desk.

Microphone works pretty good even after a couple accidental drops on the floor. I really recommend to buy it if you are just starting producing music at home.

But M-Audio Session Music Producer with USB microphone on Amazon


  1. I got the M-Audio Nova. It's way better than this.

  2. In the past I've recommended Samsung USB microphones to clients that needed the simplest 'mic solution' possible. I'd be interested to test this mic cause I'm a fan of M-Audio products.

    Thanks for the post.



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