Wednesday, May 13, 2009

M-Audio Fast Track PRO audio interface review

M-Audio Fast Track PRO is better version of Fast Track USB, with more capabilities, but it is still designed for home or tour recording. It has 2 mic inputs on the front, either XLR or TRS, 2 line inputs on the back one S/PDIF input, 4 RCA outputs, 2 TRS outputs and S/PDIF output. You can also find MIDI In and MIDI Out on the back. Having 7 outputs you can mix in 5.1, or 7.1, which is good for film score production. It connects to computer via USB, and you can plug in your headphones via 6.3mm Jack plug. On the back you can also find ON/OFF switch.

With the interface M-Audio included Pro Tools M-Powered DEMO, Ableton Live 6 Lite, and a CD with drivers. Included drivers do not work with Windows Vista, so I had to download new ones form M-Audio's website. After installing the device you can choose what audio goes through it with ASIO driver, which is available for free download from

One of the pros for this device is its price, only $199, and compatibility with Pro Tools. However, one of the cons is, that full version of Pro Tools is not included. But if you would like to buy DigiDesign's interface (which comes with full version of Pro Tools LE) with the same capabilities, you'd have to spend around $700.

If you have a condesner microphone - no problem - Fast Track PRO has 48V phantom power, which you can swith on/off with dedicated switch on the back. Fast Track PRO works great with applications I use (Pro Tools, FL Studio, Adobe Soundbooth, Adobe Audition), but after using it for a while, the driver crashes and no sound comes out of it. Usually restarting the device helps. Also, the driver is very easy to use. I really recommend it for everyone.

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